TC ERT Jul 2002 Vol 26 No 3


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  • Editorials
    • Editorial
    • Virtual Communities and Mission by Andrew M. Lord
    • Asking Questions about Technology, with Specific Reference to Computers by Paul R. Dekar
    • Napster, Moody Bible Institute and Christianity Online by Mark H. Senter III
    • Theological Curriculum Change for the Local 21st Century Context by Lee Wanak
    • Divine Omniscience and Future Contingents: Weighing the Presuppositional Issues in the Contemporary Debate by Amos Young
    • Economic Growth vs. the Environment? The Need for New Paradigms in Economics, Business Ethics, and Evangelical Theology by John Jefferson Davis
  • Book Reviews
    • Educating Evangelicalism: The Origins, Development, and Impact of London Bible College by Ian Randall, reviewed by David Parker
    • Missions in a New Millenium: Change and Challenges in World Missions edited by W. Edward Glenny and William H. Stallman, reviewed by Robert J. Vajko
    • The Barthian Revolt in Modern Theology: Theology Without Weapons by Gary Dorrien, reviewed by Norman T. Barker
    • The Covenanted Self: Explorations in Law and Covenant by Walter Bruggemann edited by Patrick D. Miller, reviewed by Joseph Too Shao
    • Patterns of Discipleship in the New Testament , edited by Richard N. Longenecker, ewviewed by Lok M. Bhandari
    • God's Control over the Universe: Providence, Judgment and Modern Science (rev. and enlarged edition) by P.G. Nelson, reviewed by David Parker
    • Metaphors of Ministry: Biblical Images for Leaders and Followers by David W. Bennett, reviewed by David Parker