TC ERT Oct 2002 Vol 26 No 4


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  • Includes annual index and verse by Garry Harris
  • Proclamation
    • Preaching recounts the dialogue between God and humankind, Exposing our reticence to hear and reluctance to respond. Christ-filled words become saving logology, And God's gracious vehicle to call the dead to life.
  • Editorials
    • Defining Evangelicalism's Boundaries by Lok M. Bhandari
    • Relativism and Christian Theology by James P. Danaher
    • Coming of Age: The Future of a Post-Soviet Evangelical Theology by Darrell Cosden
    • Proselytism or Evangelism? by Cecil Stalnaker
    • ing 'Under the Law' in Galatians by In-Gyu Hong
  • Book Reviews
    • Why Christians Disagree when they interpret the Bible by Hugh Wetmore, reviewed by Norman T. Barker
    • Introducing the Reformed Faith: Biblical Revelation, Christian Tradition, Contemporary Significance by Donald K. McKim, reviewed by Jae Sung Kim
    • He Shines in All that's Fair: Culture and Common Grace by Richard J. Mouw, reviewed by Ray Laird
    • The Holy Spirit: Works and Gifts by Donald G. Bloesch, reviewed by David Parker