TC ERT Jan 2003 Vol 27 No 1


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  • Includes verse by Garry Harris
  • Editorials
    • The Challenge of Evangelical Ecclesiology by George Vandervelde
    • The Profiles of Women in John: House-Bound or Christ-Bound? by Jey J. Kanagaraj
    • The Holy Spirit, Hermeneutics, and Transformation: From Present to Future Glory by Gary L. Nebeker
    • The Lordship Salvation Debate by Randall Gleason
    • Karl Barth's Reception in Korea: An Historical Overview by Young-Gwan Kim
  • Book Reviews
    • Renewing the center: evangelical theology in a post-theological era (Baker, 2000) by Stanley J. Grenz, reviewed by David Parker
    • Genetic Turning Points: The Ethics Of Human Genetic Intervention (Eerdmans, 2001) by James C. Peterson, reviewed by Gordon Preece
    • The Global God: Multicultural Views of God (Baker, 1998) Aida Besançon Spencer, and William David Spencer (eds), reviewed by Robert J. Vajko
    • Fortress Introduction to Contemporary Theologies(Fortress, 1998) L. Miller and Stanley J. Grenz (eds.), reviewed by Max Davidson
    • Cities of God (Routledge, 2001) by Graham Ward, reviewed by Fernando A. Gros