TC ERT July 2003 Vol 27 No 3


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  • Editorials
    • European Theology in World Perspective by Rolf Hille
    • The Relevance and Effects of European Academic Theology on Theological Education in the Third World by Valdir Steuernagel
    • Learning from Modern European Secularism: A View from the Third World Church by Vinoth Ramachandra
    • European Denominational Plurality and Christianity by Dieumeme Noelliste
    • God's Work of Grace in the Context of the Religions by Terrance Tiessen
  • Book Reviews
    • Bengt Sundkler and Christopher Steed, A History of the Church in Africa (CUP, 2000) reviewed by Ernst Wendland
    • Randall Balmer - Encyclopedia of Evangelicalism (Westminster John Knox Press, 2002) reviewed by Richard V. Pierard
    • Douglas J. Moo, The Letter of James (Pillar New Testament Commentary) (Eerdmans, 2000) reviewed by Norman T. Barker
    • Grenz, Stanley J., The Matrix of Christian Theology, vol. 1: The Social God and the Relational Self: A Trinitarian Theology of the Imago Dei (Westminster John Knox Press, 2001) reviewed by Amos Yong
    • Grant, Robert M., Paul in the Roman World: the Conflict at Corinth (Westminster/John Knox, 2001) reviewed by Dr. Drake Williams III
    • The Nature of Hell; A report by the Evangelical Alliance's Commission on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals (ACUTE) (EA UK, Paternoster, 2000) reviewed by David Parker