TC ERT Jan 2004 Vol 28 No 1


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  • Mission and Neo-Universalism by Arthur M. Climenhaga
  • A Biblical-Theological Response to the Problem of Theodicy in the Context of the Modern Criticism of Religion by Rolf Hille
  • Using our Minds in Mission, Ministry and Service by Allison M. Howell
  • Learning as the Experience of God by Lee Wanak
  • Christian Reflections on the Genetic Revolution by John J. Davis
  • Lessons from Paradise on Work, Marriage, and Freedom: A Study of Genesis 2:4-3:24 by Paul F. Scotchmer
  • Book Reviews
    • Bernard Ott: Beyond Fragmentation: Integrating Mission and Theological Education
    • Donald H. Juel: The Gospel of Mark
    • Ben Campbell Johnson and Andrew Dreitcer: Beyond the Ordinary: Spirituality for Church Leaders
    • Carnegie Samuel Calian: The Ideal Seminary: Pursuing Excellence in Theological Education
    • R. Paul Stevens: The Abolition of the Laity: Vocation,Work and Ministry in Biblical Perspective
    • William J. Dumbrell: The Faith of Israel: A Theological Survey of the Old Testament (2nd Edition)