TC ERT July 2004 Vol 28 No 3


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  • 'Discerning the Obedience of Faith' A Short History of the WEA Theological Commission Part 2: 1986-1994 by David Parker
  • Church and Politics by David Gitari
  • Mission Leadership and Christian Theological Research by Chris Sugden
  • Theology, Culture, Ministry and the Mission of the Church by John P. Davis
  • Church and Mission: Decolonizing the Mind by Thomas J. Kopp
  • The Doctrine of the Trinity and Subordinationism by Kevin Giles
  • Book Reviews
    • Whose Religion is Christianity? The Gospel beyond the West by Lamin Sanneh
    • The Trinity and Subordinationism: The Doctrine of God and the Contemporary Gender Debate by Kevin N. Giles