TC ERT Oct 2004 Vol 28 No 4


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  • 'Editorial - Scripture and Theological Education
  • 'Discerning the Obedience of Faith' A Short History of the WEA Theological Commission Part 3: 1994-2004 by David Parker
  • Forty Years On: The Evolution of Theological Education by Extension by Patricia J Harrison
  • Towards Excellence in Theological Education? by Roger Kemp
  • Scripture and Hermeneutics: Reflections over 30 years by James Stamoolis
  • Why Trust a Cross? Reflections on Romans 3:21-26 by Donald A. Carson
  • Ephesians 1:3-14. Doing Theology through the Gates of Heaven by John Lewis
  • Index for 2004
  • Book Reviews
    • David Hilborn and Matt Bird (editors), God and the Generations; Youth, Age and the Church Today: A Report by the Evangelical Alliance (UK) Commissions on Unity and Truth among Evangelicals
    • Timothy J. Demy and Gary P. Stewart (editors), Politics and Public Policy: A Christian Response. Crucial Considerations for Governing Life
    • Thomas F Foust, George R. Hunsberger, J. Andrew Kirk, Werner Ustorf (editors), A Scandalous Prophet: The Way of Mission after Newbigin
    • Ian M. Randall, Evangelical Experiences: A study in the Spirituality of English Evangelicalism 1918-1939
    • Stephen J. Nichols, An Absolute Sort of Certainty: The Holy Spirit and the Apologetics of Jonathan Edwards
    • Mark T. B. Laing (editor), The Indian Church in Context: Her Emergence, Growth and Mission Reviewed by R. Janz (editor), A Reformation Reader: Primary Texts with Introductions