TC ERT Jan 2005 Vol 29 No 1


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  • Editorial: Foundations and Expressions
  • Justice, Forgiveness, and Reconciliation: Essential Elements in Atonement Theology by Don McLellan
  • Dimensions of the Faith: A Shaping of Evangelicalism by Michael Burgess
  • A Prolegomena for the Thai Context: A Starting Point for Thai Theology by Steve Taylor
  • The Holocaust and the Problem of Theodicy: An Evangelical Perspective by John J. Davis
  • The Jesus Way to Win the World by Robert E. Coleman
  • Book Reviews
    • Laurie Green, Urban Ministry and The Kingdom of God (SPCK, 2003) reviewed by Howard Carter
    • David B. Barrett, George T. Kurian, and Todd M. Johnson, World Christian Encyclopedia: A Comparative Survey of Churches and Religions in the Modern World (Oxford University Press, 2001) 2nd ed. reviewed by George W. Harper
    • Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, Operation World: Twenty-First Century Edition (Paternoster, 2001) 6th ed. reviewed by George W. Harper
    • David Hilborn (editor), 'Toronto' in Perspective: papers on the New Charismatic Wave of the mid 1990s edited (Paternoster Acute, 2001) reviewed by David Parker
    • J. Dudley Weaver, Presbyterian Worship - a Guide for Clergy (Geneva Press, 2002) reviewed by Norman T. Barker
    • T. Desmond Alexander, From Paradise to the Promised Land: An Introduction to the Pentateuch , (Baker Academic, 2002) 2nd ed. reviewed by Joseph Too Shao
    • Larry Eskridge and Mark A. Noll (editors), More Money, More Ministry: Money and Evangelicals in Recent North American History (Eerdmans, 2000) reviewed by Gordon Preece
    • N.T. Wright, For all the Saints? Remembering the Christian Departed (SPCK, 2003) reviewed by David Parker
    • Brian Stanley (editor), Christian Missions and the Enlightenment, Studies in the History of Christian Missions (Eerdmans/Curzon: 2001) reviewed by John Roxborogh