TC ERT July 2005 Vol 29 No 3


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  • Introduction by Brian Edgar
  • Dancing for God: Challenges Facing Theological Education Today by Miroslav Volf
  • The Theology of Theological Education by Brian Edgar
  • A Theology of Theological Education: Pedagogical Implications by Larry J. McKinney
  • Perspectives on Theological Education from the Old Testament by M. Daniel Carroll R.
  • Making Disciples and the Christian Faith by Sylvia Wilkey Collinson
  • Now I Know in Part:’ Holistic and Analytic Reasoning and their Contribution to Fuller Knowing in
  • Theological Education by Marlene Enns
  • Theological Education in the Context of Socio-Economic Deprivation by Dieumeme Noelliste
  • Book Reviews
    • Donald G. Bloesch, The Last Things: Resurrection, Judgment and Glory (Christian Foundations No 7) (InterVarsity, 2004) reviewed by David Parker
    • Simon Chan, Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of The Christian Life ( InterVarsity: 1998) reviewed by Robert K. Langat