TC ERT Jan 2007 Vol 31 No 1



  • The Pyongyang Great Revival in Korea and Spirit Baptism by Bonjour Bay
  • History of Indian Pentecostal Church of God in Andhra by Yabbeju (Jabez) Rapaka
  • Prayer Revivals and the Third Great Awakening by Walter Hampel
  • Contrasting Worldviews in Revival: Ferryden, Scotland, in 1859 by David W. Bebbington
  • Two Australian Spiritual Awakenings Moonta Mines 1875 and Loddon River 1883 by Stuart Piggin
  • The Theology of Trans-Atlantic Evangelicalism and its Impact on The East African Revival by Emmanuel Hooper
  • Book Reviews
    • Andrew Walker and Kristen Aune (eds.) On Revival: a critical examination Carlisle: Paternoster, 2003 ISBN 1-84227-201-2 Pb pp 251 Reviewed by David Parker, Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology
    • Yoder, John Howard– edited by Mark Thiessen ‘Karl Barth and the Problem of War: and other Essays on Barth’ Nation Cascade Books, Eugene, OR, 2003. ISBN: 1-59244-357-5 188 pages, with table of contents only Reviewed by John Lewis, South Australia
    • Stackhouse, Ian. The Gospel-Driven Church – Retrieving Classical Ministry for Contemporary Revivalism Milton Keynes: Paternoster, 2004. ISBN 1-84227-290-X Pb pp291 Bibliog Reviewed by David Parker, Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology
    • The Churches and Ethnic Ideology in the Rwandan Crisis 1900-1994 by Tharcisse Gatwa Milton Keynes, UK /Waynesboro, USA, Paternoster: Regnum Studies in Mission 2005 ISBN 1-870345-24-X Pb, pp 276, Index, Glossary, bibliog.. Reviewed by Adriaan Verwijs, Eglise Episcopale au Rwanda, Diocese Kigali

David Parker, Editor.