TC ERT Oct 2007 Vol 31 No 4



  • Following Jesus as Unique Lord and Saviour in a Broken Pluralistic World by John Azumah
  • Following Jesus as the Truth: Postmodernity and Challenges of Relativism by Mark L. Y. Chan,
  • Following Jesus in the Globalized Marketplace by Chris Wright
  • Following Jesus as his Community in the Broken World of Ethnic Identity by Dewi Hughes
  • Following Jesus in Contexts of Power and Violence by Jonathan Bonk
  • Following Jesus in a World of Suffering and Violence by Isaiah M. Dau
  • Case-Study: Overseas Filipino Workers by Athena Gorospe
  • Annual Index
  • Book Reviews
    • Clark H. Pinnock with Barry L. Callen, The Scripture Principle: Reclaiming the Full Authority of the Bible. Baker Academic, 2006 2nd ed. Reviewed by Carlos R. Bovell.
    • David W. Bebbington, The Dominance of Evangelicalism: The Age of Spurgeon and Moody. Inter-Varsity Press, 2005. Reviewed by Richard V. Pierard.
    • Kevin J. Vanhoozer, The Drama of Doctrine: A Canonical-Linguistic Approach to Christian Theology. Westminster John Knox Press, 2005. Reviewed by Reviewed by Terry A. Larm. Mary N Getui, Maluleke Tinyiko and Ukpong Justin (Editors) Interpreting The New Testament in Africa. Acton 2001. Reviewed by Wesonga Olando.
    • Allan Anderson and Edmond Tang (eds), Asian and Pentecostal: The Charismatic Face of Christianity in Asia. Regnum Books International/APTS Press, 2005. Reviewed by George W. Harper.
    • Ben Witherington III, 1 and 2 Thessalonians: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary. Eerdmans, 2006. Reviewed by Dr. D.R. Denton.
    • Craig S. Keener, A Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. Eerdmans, 1999. Reviewed by Dr. D.R. Denton.
    • Craig S. Keener, The Gospel of John: A Commentary. Peabody, Hendrickson, 2003. Reviewed by Dr. D.R. Denton.
    • Jonathan R Wilson, Why Church Matters: worship, ministry and mission in practice. Brazos Press, 2006. Reviewed by David Parker.
    • Michael Nazir-Ali, Conviction and Conflict: Islam, Christianity and World Order. Continuum, 2006. Reviewed by David Parker.
    • Richard, Howard and John Morgan (comp. and eds.), In the Shadow of Grace: The life and Meditations of G. Campbell Morgan. Baker Books, 2007. Reviewed by David Parker.

David Parker, Editor.