TC ERT Oct 2010 Vol 34 No 4


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Theme: Global Theology – issues, perspectives and opportunities


  • Editorial: Global Theology – issues, perspectives and opportunities
  • Tribute: Jeremy Mudditt 1938-2010 by Bruce J. Nicholls
  • Evangelical Theology in Africa: Ways, Perspectives, and Dilemmas by James Nkansah-Obrempong
  • Dilemmas in the Evangelical Movement and its Theology: Argentinean Perspective by David A. Roldán
  • The In-Roads of Evangelical Theology and the Evangelical Movement in Latin American Spanish-Speaking Countries by J. Daniel Salinas,
  • Poverty and the Gospel: The Case of Haiti by Dieumeme Noelliste
  • Edinburgh 2010 and the Evangelicals by Klaus Fiedler
  • A Theological Critique of the Emerging, Postmodern Missional Church/Movement by Eleonora L. Scott
  • Mission, Missionaries and the Evangelization of Europe: Towards an Integrating Missiology from a Latin American Perspective by Samuel Cueva
  • The Meaning of the Cross in Mark by Richard A. Pruitt
  • Book Reviews
    • Richard Harvey, Mapping Messianic Jewish Theology: a constructive approach (Paternoster, 2009) Reviewed by David Parker
    • Craig Allert, A High View of Scripture? The Authority of the Bible and the Formation of the New Testament Canon (Baker Academic, 2007) Reviewed by Carlos Bovell
    • Michael A. G. Haykin and Kenneth J. Stewart (eds.), The Emergence of Evangelicalism: Exploring Historical Continuities (Inter-Varsity, 2008) Reviewed by Richard V. Pierard
    • Daniel M. Bell Jr., Just War as Christian Discipleship: Recentering the Tradition in the Church rather than the State (Brazos, 2009) Reviewed by Terrance L. Tiessen
    • Douglas Waruta and Hannah Kinoti (eds.) Pastoral Care in African Christianity (Acton Publishers, 2005) Reviewed by Martin Olando
    • Michael Pfundner, Think God, Think Science: conversations on Life, the Universe, and Faith (Paternoster, 2008) Reviewed by Jim Harries
  • Annual Index Vol 34

Editorial: Global Theology – issues, perspectives and opportunities

We would like to announce some changes to the editorial team for this journal. This announcement has been delayed because our July 2010 issue featured papers from the Lausanne Theology Working Group (LTWG) consultation held in February 2010 at Beirut, Lebanon. Appropriately, its Editorial was written by Dr Chris Wright in his role as LTWG Convenor. It has been our privilege to be associated with the LTWG in this project since the initial consultation was held in Limuru, Kenya in February 2007.

I was appointed WEA Theological Commission Chairman and ERT Editor early in 2010. I wish to thank my predecessor, Dr Justin Thacker, for his work. During his short term he continued to bring the Theological Commission and LTWG closer together; these are the two most influential bodies representing evangelical theology worldwide. This spirit of cooperation and networking is a welcome development which both bodies will continue to discuss in the hope of even closer cooperation in the future.

My biography can be found at, so here I want to introduce myself by mentioning just one matter. Evangelicals live in all countries, which means evangelical theology must be global and trans-national. Therefore we should all learn to study theological insights from as many other cultures as possible. Personally, I owe my deepest understanding to Christians from Indonesia, India and Uganda, and from the persecuted church—and from our cobbler, an elder in our church, as I sat in his workshop for many hours during my teen years! I want to convince others that working with a diverse range of people and discussing theology with the Bible in hand does not create division but unity in Christ.

I also wish to thank Dr David Parker from Australia, the former long-term editor of ERT and director of the Theological Commission, who is now acting as Executive Editor; we are pleased that we can still draw upon his contacts and editorial abilities.

There is also the sad news that we have lost a good friend and supporter, Jeremy Mudditt, who died on 21 April 2010 aged 71. Please see the generous tribute from our founding editor, Dr Bruce Nicholls, on the following page.

Now to the contents of this issue. We are pleased to publish several short papers from the historic consultation sponsored by the TC in Brazil in July 2009; these represent some of the diverse trans-national perspectives mentioned above. Another helpful article, which could not be included in our last issue, helps us understand more about the devastating tragedy in Haiti. To mark the centenary of the 1910 Edinburgh Missionary conference, we present a thoughtful article reflecting on the significance of this event for evangelicals. Two other important topics covered in this issue include the ‘Emerging Church’ and missions in Europe; we conclude with an interesting Bible study on the cross in the Gospel of Mark.

Thomas Schirrmacher, General Editor
David Parker, Executive Editor