TC ERT Jan 2014 Vol 38 No 1


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Theme: The Heart of the Gospel


  • The Wesleyan Way: Entire Sanctification and its Spin-offs by Ben Pugh J. R. Tolkien: Theologian in Disguise? by Raymond J. Laird
  • Perceptions of the Evangelical Movement in the Post-Communist Czech Republic by Pavel Hošek
  • Carl Henry and the Chinese Church by G. Wright Doyle
  • Missionary Theology in Context: Marks of Mission from CLADE V by Samuel Cueva
  • Growth of Pentecostal Churches in Nigeria: Lessons for World Evangelization by Wilson E. Ehianu


  • The Heart of the Gospel: The Theology Behind the Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert E. Coleman (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2011). Reviewed by Matthew Cook, Boone, NC, USA
  • Ruth by Judy Fentress-Williams (Abingdon Old Testament Commentaries) (Abingdon Press Nashville 2012). Reviewed by Rev. Professor N. T. Barker, Brisbane, Australia.
  • John Bunyan - The People's Pilgrim by Peter Morden (Farnham, Surrey: CWR, 2013). Reviewed by David Parker, Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology
  • Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Context of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom, edited by William D. Taylor, Antonia van der Meer, and Reg Reimer (Pasadena: William Carey Library Publications, 2013). Reviewed by David Parker, Editor, Evangelical Review of Theology

Editorial: The Heart of the Gospel

No matter how far around this world the Christian gospel extends, it must start in the heart! In this first issue for a new year, we begin there – in the renewed human heart – and end up not only in far distant lands but even beyond!

Ben Pugh (UK) returns to our pages with his theme-setting article showing that the vision of John Wesley for 'Christian Perfection', while sometimes controversial, touches on a vital truth of the gospel which has empowered Christians in their discipleship and mission.

We begin our global journey first in the Czech Republic where Pavel Hošek examines the recent history of the Evangelical movement in the post-Communist era, especially in relation to the way other Christians and secular media have perceived Evangelicals. Although there have been good reasons for at least some of the poor public image, there is hope that the situation is now improving.

We now travel further east to learn how one of the most influential 20th century American evangelical theologians impacts on the burgeoning church in China. G. Wright Doyle (USA) shows how the key features of Carl Henry's theology, life and personal example relate to the Chinese church as it seeks out sound foundations and wise direction. Taken overall, Doyle believes that Henry is 'perhaps …. one of the few Western Christians worthy to receive the admiration of our Chinese brothers and sisters.'

Our next location is Latin America where Samuel Cueva (UK/Peru) provides an overview of the development of evangelical theology as seen in the series of congresses on evangelism (CLADE). His analysis of the most recent of these congresses, which strongly recognized the heritage of evangelical theology and some of its key founders ('old lions' - many of whom are familiar to readers of this journal), suggests that it was a 'crucial moment' for the region, although there are still many challenges to face if the movement is to be as effective in the future as it was in the past.

West Africa is our next stop, where Wilson E. Ehianu looks at the rapid growth of Pentecostalism in Nigeria and draws some lessons – both negative and positive – that can be learned from their successes. He argues that other Christian traditions would do well to put an end to 'antagonism' and instead, benefit from this movement.

For our final article, we venture beyond the geographical to Middle-earth! Raymond Laird (Australia) looks at Tolkien's Lord of the Rings through biblical eyes. He focuses on the principle of weakness as the providential vehicle of the triumph of good over evil, thereby pointing to Tolkien as a theologically well informed and insightful writer.

This is the obverse of where we started this issue – and we can see that both holiness and the victory of the good point to the hope of the gospel for our needy world.

Thomas Schirrmacher, General Editor
David Parker, Executive Editor