ERT Jul 2017 Vol 41 No 3


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Theme: The Dynamic of Theology


  1. The Evangelical Missionary Movement: the pure gospel, or can there be a bit of progress, enlightenment and colonialism? by Rolf Hille
  2. The Homiletic Window: A model for reflective preaching praxis by Myles MacBean
  3. Christianity and the Profession of Arms by Colonel Craig Bickell, CSM
  4. A Trinitarian Theology of Religions: Themes and Issues in Evangelical Approaches by David Thank Moe
  5. Our Earth, Our Responsibility by Ebenezer Yaw Blasu
  6. Creation and Holistic Ministry: A Study of Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 by Iain Provan
  7. Book Reviews

Editorial: The Dynamic of Theology

In this issue we follow the ‘dynamic of theology’ from basic principles into a variety of areas of application. The foundation is set by Rolf Hille (Germany), a former Executive Director of the WEA Theological Commission, who examines the nature of the gospel and its relationships with its context, using developments in European theology and philosophy over recent centuries as his map. He shows that there is no ‘abstract idealism’ involved, but that ‘God’s way is to speak his word into various human contexts’. He concludes that ‘The flexibility in cross-cultural work must always be bound back to the one pure gospel of the justification of the sinner by grace alone.’

We then go behind the scenes to the important question of moving from scripture to theology and welcome the Book Review Editor of this journal, Michael Borowski (Germany) as he outlines some recent expositions of this process. In what is essentially a prospectus for further research on this topic, we are given an insight into some important contributions from masters in the field as they propose foundations for ‘mere evangelical theology’.

So the exposition of this gospel to the faithful takes on considerable importance, a topic addressed by Myles MacBean (UK/Malawi). With his innovative study of preaching, he presents ‘a simple model to facilitate reflective practice among preachers and to aid their training’, which is well backed up with empirical testing in two different cultures.

We then move into an area which we have never covered before in the 40 years this journal has been published – military chaplaincy! We welcome Colonel Craig Bickell, CSM (Australia) to our pages as he shows how the Christian faith has enduring value for the profession of arms, and indeed that the Christian faith of some of its members can contribute to the combat capability of the Army.

Just as important is the way this dynamic works out in the context of other world religions. David Thank Moe (USA/Myanmar) presents an evangelical trinitarian theology from a missiological perspective, interacting with other theological endeavours in this field, and using insights drawn from his own particular background. His comprehensive model provides a theoretical foundation for different strands of the Faith - effective evangelism, integrating cultural insights, and promoting social justice and nation building.

In an analogous way, Ebenezer Yaw Blasu (Ghana) looks at the implications of this dynamic of theology in ecological matters. Hence, he argues for a new engagement in earth keeping responsibilities, involving a reconstructed eco-theology, especially from his own context of indigenous African religious eco-ethics.

Taking an even wider perspective, our final article by Iain Provan (Canada/Scotland) shows how all of creation and redemption are bound together. In this ‘classic’ article reproduced from an earlier issue of our journal, he concludes, ‘In all things we are called to act out the kingdom of God. And that is why holistic ministry is not one option among many for the Christian. Holistic ministry is simply bound up with what being a Christian is all about—being true to the nature of things.’

So from every corner of the globe and in all areas of human life, we can see how truly dynamic essential Christian theology is!

Thomas Schirrmacher, General Editor
David Parker, Executive Editor