ERT Oct 2017 Vol 41 No 4


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Annual Index Edition

Theme: Transitions


  1. Editorial: Transitions
  2. General Revelation Makes Cross-Cultural Communication Possible by Gordon R. Lewis
  3. ‘Moving beyond’ Scripture to Theology – Towards a ‘mere evangelical’ account by Michael Borowski
  4. Laudato Si: An Evangelical Response by Timothy T. N. Lim
  5. The Role of Divine Healing in Cross-Cultural Ministry by Richard Hibbert, G. Geoffrey Harper and Evelyn Hibbert
  6. For the Sake of Christian Marriage, Abolish Church Weddings in Africa by Klaus Fiedler
  7. Reviews
  8. Annual Index Volume 41

Editorial: Transition

As we come to the end of another volume, we begin a transition to a new year.

Our articles mark a transition also, moving from first principles to application. First, there is a legacy article from Gordon R. Lewis (USA) on general revelation, followed by Michael Borowski (Germany) with further reflections on ‘moving beyond’ from Scripture to theology, both dealing with fundamental issues of theology and method. Then we turn to practical application. Timothy Lim (Singapore) gives careful evaluation of an important recent papal encyclical on the environment. This is followed by Richard Hibbert and colleagues (Australia) on divine healing in a cross-cultural setting. Finally, we turn to Klaus Fiedler (Malawi) who deals with a pressing practical matter in Africa, wedding practices, and what they mean for Christian witness.

There is another transition as well. This is my last issue as editor. I now hand over to Dr Bruce Barron of Bethel Park, PA, USA. Dr Barron, (PhD, University of Pittsburgh), who has been working with me for several months now. He is a meticulous and widely experienced editor and author, and will bring his own stamp to this journal.

It has been a long journey since I first became involved with the WEF (as it was then) Theological Commission at a highly significant consultation in Singapore in 1986. I began my work with this journal in 1994 as Book Review Editor assisting the founder, Dr Bruce Nicholls. I took over as Editor in 1998 and have continued ever since, apart from a short break 2009-2010 after which the editorial work (and the TC) operated on a somewhat different basis from previously. My editorial work also involved production of WEA Theological News, a task which has also continued up to the present. Alongside this work, I also became Administrator and then Executive Director of the Commission.

There have been many changes along the way, both for the TC and its publications, as well as for the evangelical world in general. I am pleased to have been involved with ERT in particular because of its unique role and positioning. This is perhaps best summed up in its original slogan which said its articles were aimed at helping readers in ‘discerning the obedience of faith’ – an academically rigorous journal but not competing with specialist disciplinary publications because of its focus on showing how good theology impacts Christian life and witness. The journal is also broadly evangelical, not ‘sectarian’, and ‘a global forum’ (as the current slogan states), aimed at and drawing upon the entire oikoumene, not any particular country, region or institution.

It only remains for me now to thank very sincerely all those who have been part of the team during my time – I think particularly of our typesetters, copyeditor, publishers, and especially the authors and most of all, you dear reader, and to wish my successor well.

Thomas Schirrmacher, General Editor
David Parker, Executive Editor