ERT Jan 2018 Vol 42 No 1


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Theme: A Global Forum


  1. Editorial: Thank you, Dr David Parker
  2. Missions and Money: Revisiting Pauline Practice and Principles by Craig Ott
  3. The Ecosapiental Theology of Psalms by Andrea L. Robinson
  4. Is Islam Compatible with Western Civilization by Christine Schirrmacher
  5. Religious Extremism and Christian Response in Pakistan by Maqsood Kamil
  6. A Place at the Table: Christian Political Engagement in a Post-Christian Context by Richard L. Smith
  7. Collaboration without Compromise: The World Evangelical Alliance and Roman Catholic Leaders by Thomas Schirrmacher and Thomas K. Johnson
  8. Stopping the Leaking Bucket Syndrome by Mario Philip
  9. Book Reviews

Editorial: Thank You, Dr David Parker

ERT will go on without David Parker, but it will never be the same. Its existence as a consistently high-quality journal attracting worldwide interest is due primarily to David’s faithful service in producing four issues a year for more than sixteen years.

David brought a rare combination of skills to this work. He was a visionary collector of vital authors and articles from around the globe, and a penny-pincher when editing texts and finding spelling mistakes. The large picture and the very small one were on his mind always.

A retired Baptist minister living in Brisbane, Australia, David has maintained his considerable productivity in theology and church history. He started as an assistant to Dr Bruce Nicholls in the mid-1990s and, besides many other roles and tasks, was executive director of the WEA Theological Commission from 2007 to 2009. After a short break during which the incoming chair of the Theological Commission, Thomas Schirrmacher, realized how indispensable he was, David returned as ERT executive editor from 2010 through 2017.

David is author of Discerning the Obedience of Faith: A Short History of the WEA Theological Commission (2014). Within this work he describes his own involvement with the Theological Commission and with its major actors. The pdf of the book is available on the Internet, but you also may order a free printed copy from or fax +49 228 9650389.

David edited the WEA volume Jesus, Salvation and the Jewish People (2011). In addition, he has served the Baptist Church in Queensland as archivist for its historical collection, as editor of the Queensland Baptist Forum, and by publishing numerous monographs on Baptist history. He authored a book celebrating the role of women in Baptist churches in Queensland and one commemorating the denomination’s 150th anniversary in that Australian state.

David has also taught classes and has given guest lectures at the college and seminary levels in Australia and globally in theology, ethics, New Testament and Christian worship.

David’s website describes him as being in ‘active retirement’. Indeed, he has been more prolific in his so-called retirement years than most Christian scholars in mid-career. We are deeply grateful for his enormous contributions to the WEA and hope that he will continue to observe and sharpen our work for many more years.

Bruce Barron, Executive Editor
Thomas Schirrmacher, General Editor
Rosalee Velloso Ewell, Director of the Theological Commission