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Editor: Dr. David Parker

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Book Publishing: Textbook on Eschatology

A text book on eschatology produced by a WEF Theological Commission Study Unit has just been released in Germany and India. Titled, Hope does not disappoint (ISBN 3-932829-31-X) and edited by Dr Jochen Eber of Chrischona Seminary, Basel, the book is designed to be accessible to a wide range of readers, especially students beginning their theological studies, and features 16 writers from all continents. The book thoroughly covers not only the biblical and theological teaching on the topic, but also sets eschatology in relation to mission interests, various cultural, intellectual and geographical contexts around the personal living which highlights the question underlying the whole work, "How then should we live in the light of his coming?"

This book is modeled on the earlier successful volumes produced by the "Faith and Church" study unit of the Theological Commission, led by Dr Donald A. Carson and published by Paternoster Press.

(These and all other TC publications, along with many other WEF and other materials, are available on the WEF TC Theological Resources CD ROM. Contact PO Box WEF, Wheaton, Illinois, 60198, USA).

The book is published in Germany by Verlag fuer Kultur und Wissenschaft in the series, Mission reports vol. 9.

For further information contact Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher, Friedrichstr. 38, D-53111 Bonn, Germany. Phone 0228/965038- Publ.: -1 Seminary -2 Fax -9 Dr Eber 123.45@gmx.deor Theological Book Trust, India

International Theological Interest High in Korea

More than 1000 people registered for the first International conference of the Korea Evangelical Theological Society (KETS) which was held at Anyang City Oct 25-27, 2001. The theme of the conference was "The direction of world evangelical theology in the 21st century." The venue for the conference was the recently completed $10 million dollar Memorial Hall of the SungKyul Christian University. The official opening session was held in the magnificent 1700 main auditorium and included music by the concert choir of the University, greetings by President of Jesus Korea SungKyul Church and welcomes and responses from several other dignitaries.

Host for the conference was KETS chair, Prof Dr Kim Yung Han, Dean of the Graduate School of Christian Studies, Soongsil Christian University, Seoul. His opening paper focused on the theme, with an emphasis on evangelical spirituality, theology and hermeneutics.

Guest speakers came from Japan, Nepal, Australia, South Africa, Wales, Switzerland, USA and Canada. They included Dr Lok Bhandari, Dr Dietrich Ritschl, Dr Richard Gamble, Dr Lee Sang Hyun, Dr William VanGemeren, Dr Eryl Davies, Dr Timothy Laniak, Dr Akira Miyoshi and Dr Stanley Grenz. Dr David Parker, editor of publications for the WEF Theological Commission was also one of the speakers. Other speakers were unable to come due to illness or other commitments, but either sent their papers or substitute speakers.

Each of the papers were read by the authors and responded to by two Korean theologians. Topics, which attracted much larger attendances than the regular biennial conferences of the Society, included postmodernism, Reformed theology, the theology of Jonathan Edwards, hermeneutics, Christian Education, and the dynamics and worldwide trends in evangelicalism. At the end of the conference, a statement on world trends in theology which strongly endorsed the gospel of salvation was adopted.

A spokesperson for the KETS said that the interest and participation in the conference went far beyond all expectations.

The KETS has a thirty year history and is composed of 26 evangelical seminaries in Korea and their faculty members. It publishes a theological journal and conducts regular conferences.

The KETS conference was followed by a symposium on Christian culture at Soongsil University. This was the 8th International Symposium on Christian Culture and Theology held by the University and its Institute of Christian Culture Studies. As well as other guest, several of the international speakers from the KETS conference also presented papers at this gathering.

For more details on both conferences, contact Dr Kim

AGST Programs

Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines (AGST) announces the opening of advanced Master's and Doctoral programs specifically designed for Asians. These programs are contextualized, individualized, affordable and Asia-based.

The Master of Theology (Th.M.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) are being offered in three tracks: Biblical Studies (started July 2001), Theological Studies (starting July 2002) and Church History (starting July 2002). These programs will equip enrollees with the critical thinking skills necessary to address the issues facing Asian Christians and prepare them for further research and teaching in the Asian and Pacific context.

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) is also being offered in three tracks: Adult and Continuing Education (starting July 2002), Educational Leadership (starting July 2002) and Christian Counseling (starting November 2001). The Doctor of Ministry is being offered under two programs: the D.Min., a professional doctorate for practitioners, and the D.Min. in Transformational Leadership for Ministry in the Global City. A new cycle of the Doctor of Missiology (D.Miss.) program will be starting in the near future.

For more information and application, contact: Asia Graduate School of Theology-Philippines, c/o Asian Theological Seminary, GCCPO 1454-1154, 1102 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines; e-mail:

AGST is the educational arm of the Asia Theological Association and offers postgraduate programs throughout Asia. In the Philippines AGST is a consortium of seminaries that have been working together since 1984. These include: Alliance Biblical Seminary, Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries, Asian Theological Seminary, Biblical Seminary of the Philippines, International School of Theology-Asia, and Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Reports of Conferences and Documents welcome.