Theological News Jan 2003 Vol 32 No 1


Editor: Dr. David Parker

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TC and ICETE working together - Theologians and Educators to meet in Kiev

The WEA Theological Commission will hold its next executive meeting at Kiev, Ukraine immediately before the International Consultation for Theological Educators August 18-22, 2003 (see separate story elsewhere in this issue). This Consultation is arranged by the WEA- related organisation, The International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE), composed of eight regional associations. The focus of the Consultation will be the implications for theological education of mega-shifts in tertiary education globally. It is being sponsored by the Ukraine Evangelical Theological Seminary and the Euro-Asian Accrediting Association of Evangelical Schools (E-AAA), a member body of ICETE. The WEA Theological Commission will meet Aug 15-18, 2003 at the same location for the purposes of fellowship, mutual encouragement and joint discussion.

Executive Chair of the TC, Dr Rolf Hille said, 'The Theological Commission greatly appreciates the official agreement between ICETE and the TC which means that there is a close working relationship with a good spirit of cooperation.' He said, 'The agreement between the TC and ICETE states that there will be a regular exchange between the two bodies, also in terms of attendance, with one person from each participating in the business sessions of the other.' This was exemplified at the recent joint conference of the TC and FEET in Germany in which both the ICETE and TC were involved, and at which they each held their own annual executive meetings.

For more information on the ICETE conference, contact, and for the Theological Commission, contact

Serving China and the Chinese Church

Dr Jason Young, Associate Professor of Theology and Director of Chinese Culture Research Center at China Graduate School of Theology (CGST) reports on the vision the Seminary has for serving the 40,000 churches and millions of Christians in China. Writing in the CGST Bulletin, he says, x91Instead of engaging in direct mission to Chine, CGST prefers to speak of serving China via a number of diverse and creative avenues. Our Chinese Culture Research Center is directly involved in the following activities: Building relationship and networking with Chinese seminaries and churches; offering courses in selected universities in the mainland; engaging in scholarly exchange with Chinese universities; and developing tea chers from Chinese universities by providing scholarships for them to study at CGST in Hong Kong.

His report indicates that the Center, established in 1995, is now focusing on consolidation of existing research projects and publications. For more information, contact CGST 12 Dorset Crescent, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong. Email and web: and

Text-Critical Apparatuses Take Electronic Form for the First Time

At the AAR/SBL convention held in November 2002, Libronix Corporation ( the German Bible Society ( announced that they will make text-critical apparatuses available in digital form for the first time. The product will be known as the Stuttgart Electronic Study Bible CD-ROM (SESB), and is scheduled for release in early 2003.

SESB contains the original-linguistic text editions from the German Bible Society, recognized world-wide and distributed in the United States by the American Bible Society, the UBS partner of the German Bible Society. For the first time, text-critical apparatuses will be electronically accessible. The product will offer extensive possibilities to search lexemen and grammatical forms in Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia, Septuaginta and the Greek New Testament. In addition the SESB offers several lemmatized German, English and French Bible translations and a wealth of Bible reference works. It will also include a morpho-syntactic database for the Hebrew Bible, allowing syntactic searches within data never previously available as part of a commercial product, which will be of particular interest to OT scholars.

Dr. Bertram Salzmann, senior editor for electronic publishing at the German Bible Society commented, 'The German Bible Society is very excited about our partnership with Libronix Corporation. With their expertise the SESB CD-ROM will be a truly unique electronic resource for the Bible scholar, allowing research possibilities that have never before existed in a personal digital library.'

Bob Pritchett, president of Libronix Corporation said, 'It is indeed a privilege to partner with the German and the American Bible Society on the SESB CD-ROM. The release of their unmatched scholarly content in combination with the power of the Libronix Digital Library System, will be a landmark for years to come. The fact that the SESB will integrate seamlessly with other Libronix products makes it even more useful.'

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