Theological News Oct 2005 Vol 34 No 4




ICETE Announces Plans for 2006 Consultation

The distinguished international scholar Philip Jenkins, author of the widely-acclaimed " The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity " ( Oxford , 2002), will be a principal speaker at the forthcoming ICETE International Consultation 2006. Jenkins will be addressing the Consultation theme: "Global Christianity and the Role of Theological Education." Also addressing crucial aspects of the Consultation theme in plenary sessions will be: Carver Yu, China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong ; Chris Wright, Langham Partnership International; and Carlos Pinto, Seminario Biblico Palavra da Vida, in Sao Paulo , Brazil . Additional participants in the Consultation programme will include, among others: Dieumeme Noelliste ( Jamaica ), Douglas Carew ( Kenya ) and Brian Stiller ( Canada ).

The Consultation will focus on the emerging global character of Christianity and the implications of this for theological education. Since by its nature theological education is meant to serve the church, the fact that the Christian community is now global necessarily affects the shaping of our theological education. The 2006 Consultation is designed to assist theological educators around the world in reflecting on the nature of this new framework, in addressing together its implications, and in understanding ourselves freshly within this context of service.

The Consultation will take place 7-11 August 2006 in Chiang Mai , Thailand . This consultation is intended for the ICETE constituency throughout the world. Available space will be limited, so priority will be given to representatives from ICETE affiliated schools.

For more information, contact ICETE Consultation Directorate at ICETE News September 2005

Evangelical Review of Theology seeking Bible Studies and papers on Pastoral Ministry

The editor of Evangelical Review of Theology , Dr David Parker, is seeking papers on Pastoral Ministry for a future issue of the journal. He said, "In the early days of the journal, one whole section of each issue contained articles on this area, but we have neglected it of late. So I am looking for material of a biblical, theological and spiritual nature that reflects an evangelical perspective on pastoral ministry. I will leave the more practical "how to" articles to other forums. We aim to be a journal reflecting global evangelical scholarship for our international readership of theologians, missionaries, students, pastors, church leaders etc. In keeping with this aim, I am looking for material that reflects on aspects of the biblical principles of pastoral ministry as it is worked out in various contexts around the world. It needs to be theologically and spiritually robust and yet oriented to real issues of the day. I can use articles, Bible studies, and book reviews, and leads to potential writers and resources."

Dr Parker also said that in each issue of the journal he wants to include a Bible study article. He explained, "This type of article looks at a specific passage of Scripture and engages in serious, but not necessarily specialised or technical, exegesis, interpreting it for our readers who are involved in leadership, study and ministry. These articles could well address some topic issue of interest but do so from an exegetical and expositional basis. These articles are typically shorter than the usual, say about 3500 words. They can be original or re-published (provided appropriate permissions are available).

Readers with ideas and possible papers are invited to contact Dr Parker on

Concerns for Pastoral Training

A conference took place recently in the Philippines addressing issues of pastoral training in areas of the world where the church is growing rapidly. The event was spearheaded by the Trainers of Pastors International Coalition (TOPIC) and Ramesh Richard Evangelism and Church Health (RREACH). Leaders from around the world gathered late September in Manila in an effort to reduce the number of pastors in need of training in developing economies around the world

Dr. Ramesh Richard says there is great need for pastoral training in developing nations. "For example, there are parts of Africa where pastors are preaching that you climb trees in order to meet Jesus, because Zacchaeus did that. I even heard of a pastor in Nepal who did not know that Jesus is coming back because they're semiliterate - 70 to 80 percent of pastors in Nepal are semiliterate and therefore can't read their Bibles. " The program of the conference included Christian leaders from around the world who shared their experiences and plans for pastoral training efforts in Africa , Asia , and Latin America .