To partner with the national alliances in supporting their network churches in building families according to God's design and equipping them to be agents of change, impacting their communities for Christ.


Rise of national family movements with national leadership and network churches jointly andactively championing godly families.

  • Formation of national leadership teams who will bring to fruition the above vision for their nations.
  • See a shift in culture within the leadership ofeach local church to embrace a biblical theology of family, augment the health of the families within their churches, and systematically equip believers to live for Christ within their homes.
  • See family champions raised up in churches to mentor and equip others in the area of family life.
  • See a culture shift in individual families where married couples grow strong in marriage, parents assume their roles as primary mentors for their children's development and spiritual growth, children are holistically and systematically developed within an effective infrastructure, andthe family impacts its community with its lifestyle.