Task Force Members

Com. Christine MacMillan, Task Force Chair

Commissioner Christine MacMillan is WEA's Director for Public Engagement as well as the Chair of the Global Human Trafficking Task Force. Christine has over 30 years of experience in addressing social justice issues on three continents and also served as the first director of the International Social Justice Commission of the Salvation Army. With her many years of experience of engaging with the United Nations, Christine leads the WEA UN Team by helping them prioritize and further coordinate their work.

Dr. Elizabeth Leelavathi Manasseh

Dr. Elizabeth Leelavathi Manasseh is engaged in Human Trafficking elimination in India and Asia through Scripture engagement, prayer, and creating awareness in Church and society.


Anne Read

Anne Read has worked as a Salvation Army officer (minister and leader) in a variety of roles for the last 32 years and assumed responsibility for its coordinated response to the issue of human trafficking in the United Kingdom in 2009. The Salvation Army aims to raise awareness about this issue, reduce human trafficking through poverty alleviation projects and respond practically to the needs of victims and survivors. In the UK the Salvation Army is contracted by the government to support all adult victims of trafficking throughout England and Wales.

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag

Jennifer Roemhildt Tunehag is an independent missions consultant working to catalyze the church in ministry among women and men in prostitution and victims of trafficking around the world. She is currently helping the European Evangelical Alliance to develop the European Freedom Network.

Jenifer J. Johnson

Jenifer J. Johnson represents the Caribbean Region. She is the chair of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean Women’s Commission. Jenifer has a mandate to bring awareness to the region on the issue of trafficking in persons and to create a network across the islands through which the church can be engaging and equipping the victims and survivors of trafficking.

Teanna Sunberg

Teanna Sunberg is a missionary and an ordained elder with the Church of the Nazarene. Having spent the last two decades in Russia, Bulgaria, and Hungary, the realities of human trafficking have always been an aspect of life and ministry. She is currently choosing to use journalism and story telling as a means of active engagement against this global issue. Teanna blogs at Across Cultures www.centraleuropenaz.org.

Adrienne Livingston

Adrienne Livingston is the Director of Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiatives with WorldVenture and she is the Co-Chair of Multnomah County’s Victims Services Implementation Team. Adrienne desires to help equip the church become aware of the issue of sex trafficking, understand how the intersections of a culture of sex and violence contribute to this issue and learn how they can get engaged to prevent, end the demand and take a kingdom stance against it.

Martin Kapenda

Martin Kapenda is the National Coordinator of Micah Zambia. He is an active member of various networks and coalitions in Zambia, including the Zambia Freedom network, a Christian coalition on human trafficking. He desires to equip the church in Africa to become aware of human trafficking and develop strategies to reduce incidents of trafficking of women and children.

Aashima Samuel

Aashima Samuel is a New Delhi based law graduate with expertise in leading advocacy projects aimed at protecting the rights of women and children. She currently heads the Children at Risk project with Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFIC@R) as the National Director. She is working towards engaging the churches and communities to address the issues of Human Trafficking in India and is also instrumental in highlighting this rampant issue in the global arena. Her desire is to see that the churches and communities arise and come together to eradicate Human trafficking.