Micah Living Stone Declaration - A Cry from Africa

As we look at the extent of human trafficking and gender-based violence across Africa, we cry, in the name of Jesus Christ, “Enough is enough”. The travesty, injustice, immorality and inhumanity of these crimes require an integrated response. This declaration records our commitment to speak and act, in collaboration with governments, international agencies, other faith groups, civil society, local churches and communities. Read more

World Evangelical Alliance Report for the United Nations

The World Evangelical Alliance has chosen to name a spokesperson on the issue of Human Trafficking. This has resulted in the instigation of an anti-human trafficking global task force where 600 million WEA members can become informed spokespersons in their own sphere of influence. Read more

Legal Brothels Linked to International Sex Trafficking Rings

LEGAL brothels in NSW and Victoria are operating unchecked despite police investigations implicating them in human trafficking, sex slavery and organised crime.... Read more


Ask Their Names

It was late when I left that night. Our refugee feeding program had run long, and I was anxious to get home—partly because of the hour, and partly because of the neighborhood. The area around Omonoia in Athens, Greece, is a nightmare of human misery. Drug addicts purchase and consume their dose; homeless refugees spill over the sidewalks to fill the streets. Women stand on corners and in shadowy doorways offering their bodies to anyone who can pay. Read more

The Blue Bird Cafe - and Six Ways Your Church Can Make a Difference in Anti-Trafficking

The Blue Bird Cafe is tucked into Budapest’s historic Jewish Quarter. It is Euro-whimsical with spirally staircases and bird-infused wallpaper percolating caffeinated warmth. Tourists like its vibe. Locals like its roast. The beat of old school music can almost erase the memory of the 1940’s when the place of this cafe was a hell-hole of dying. Almost, but not quite. Evil tapped a victory dance and the Nazi war machine devoured people. Thousands. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Here where the Blue Bird sings today. I used to say that if I had lived then, I would have raised my bony fist and screamed down the gates of tyranny. But, I no longer voice that sentiment. Read more