Vision and Purpose

The World Evangelical Alliance Information Technology Commission has been established to apply technology for dissemination of information and sharing of resource within the WEA constituency and throughout the greater evangelical Church. In a vision to serve and empower the dispersed global Church, the IT Commission aspires to create a global digital infrastructure to build modern-day networks and systems effective in providing a digital forum to help increase effectiveness in communication, exchange of information and promotion of partnership and collaboration among Christians and ministries on the web.


The IT Commission recognizes the following as defining points of its mission:

  • Mobilize the global Church on a virtual platform;
  • Network churches, ministries and mission groups for effective communication, exchange of information and development of strategic partnerships;
  • Digitalize Christian resources and help transform the global Christian community into the information era;
  • Impact both Christians and non-Christians on the web with an increased presence of the word of God;
  • Increase the public witness and voice of evangelicals around the globe

Strategic Objectives

  • WEA Information Technology Commission commits to fulfilling its mandate and role by:
  • Making the internet technologies and design services of the available to all WEA constituents;
  • Stimulating Christ-centered partnership and collaboration on an online and virtual platform;
  • Providing useful online tools to missionaries, educational institutions and ministries

WEA Center for Information Technologies

WEA Center for Information Technologies, a strategic initiative of the WEA IT Commission, provides web-hosting, design and development services, and digitized resources for the WEA and its constituencies with a vision to mobilize, network, and resource a growing number of Christians online using advanced internet technologies and design works.

Components and Structure

  1. The commission advisory council, a group nominated by internationally diverse groups of WEA constituency, provides healthy input and advice for the management team.
  2. Management is provided by the executive director, five regional directors and Chief Technology Officer
  3. Commission staff includes developers, designers and administrative assistants
  4. Services are provided by the WEA Center for Information Technologies

The IT commission is ultimately accountable to the WEA International Council through the direction of the International Director. WEA International Council guides in shaping the commission’s purpose, objective and value, and sets operational parameters and boundaries for the management team.

The management team initiates and implements projects, creates necessary task forces or subcommittees for efficient execution of objectives, sets work priorities and carries out the purpose and vision of the global governance council.

The executive director and regional directors oversee their pertinent fields, as well as coordinating between the IT centers and the rest of the WEA community, respectively.

Current Works and Projects

  1. Development of general web production process, work request and IT communication protocols for the WEA constituencies
  2. Affirmation of establishing five regional IT Centers in Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America and South Pacific
  3. Development of the intranet and its related components, such as core database for administration, event calendars, voting polls, and other tools to facilitate the internal administration and communication
  4. Development of tools for fund-raising and integrated marketing strategie