About WEA

About WEA


The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is the umbrella organization for 128 national Evangelical Alliances representing 600 million Christians globally. Founded in 1846, the WEA provides an international structure for unity, action and witness through the grassroots efforts of local churches and leaders. The WEA exists to strengthen its constituency for spiritual, social, economic and justice transformation.


Seeking Christ-like transformation around the world, the World Evangelical Alliance serves as the dynamic center for equipping and resourcing, the globally trusted Evangelical voice, and the connecting hub for greater strategic impact.


The WEA serves its members firstly by Equipping the 128 National Alliances and other members with leadership development resources so they may be effective at changing their own nation. Secondly, the WEA serves as a unified Voice of evangelicals on key worldwide topics. Thirdly, the WEA helps National Alliances and members Connect to each other, other organizations and churches that are addressing the needs of the world.


As part of the Equipping strategy of the WEA, the Leadership Institute is pleased to sponsor WEAresources.org, an online archival service providing resources and training materials to our members.

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