Geneva Report 2005, A perspective on global religious freedom: challenges facing Christian Communities
Religious Freedom
The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) is honored to participate in the work of the 61st UN Commission on Human Rights. The WEA is a network giving worldwide identity and voice to more than 335 million Christians from 121 nations and over 100 international organizations. It maintains a wide net-work of about 2.000 members of parliament in 60 countries. Our organization seeks to promote integrity and justice at every level of society – individual, family, community and culture. The WEA strongly supports and stresses the right of every person to hold and practice their own religious convictions – or not to have any.
1. Introduction
2. Road to Persecution
3. Thematic Issues
- Religious Nationalism
- State Registration of Religious Groups
4. Countries of particular Concern
- Burma / Myanmar
- China
- Eritrea
- Iran
- North Korea
- Sri Lanka
- Sudan
- Turkmenistan
- Vietnam
5. Notes of Affirmation
- Sudan
- Pakistan
6. Conclusion
7. Impressum
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