“He shall surely be executed” or “He shall be cut off from his people”
The Death Penalty in the Old Testament
Death Penalty
The Torah includes not only commandments concerning not only everday life and religious practice but also penalties for disobedience. Some, such as “He must die” or “He shall be stoned”, clearly intend capital punishment to be carried out by the people or its representatives. Theologians, however, still disagree on the meaning of “He shall be cut off from his people,” for the expression designates neither the party responsible for the administration of the penalty nor the manner in which was to be administered. James Jordan, for example, considers the term a command to excommunicate the guilty from society and from the sanctuary.
1 Introduction
2 Capital punishment and “Cutting off”
3 Capital punishment
4 He shall be cut off
5 The Ban
6 Conclusions
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