Faith and Nation: Report of a Commission of Inquiry to the UK Evangelical Alliance
Church and Nation
“From the very outset”, says Archbishop William Temple, “Christian faith has intimately affected social as well as personal conduct, and the main Christian tradition carries with it a massive body of social teaching”. This report is an attempt to recover and restate this perennial intimacy as it seeks to bring a Christian understanding and an evangelical commitment to tackling some of the social, cultural and political challenges of contemporary society. It also provides an opportunity and some tools (what follows is by no means exhaustive) to reengage the Church and Christian leaders in the big conversation about active citizenship and social responsibility as central to the mandate to be “salt and light” and stewards of God’s creation.
1. Purpose, Method and Structure of the Commission
2. Faith and Nation in Britain Today
3. Religion, Nation, State and Society: Precedents and
Present Models
4. Models for Social, Political & Civic Engagement
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