Women’s Peace Building and Human Rights Awareness Training, 2007 Project Report
Executive Summary
Peace Building and Human Rights
This report covers the first phase in a two-phase project designed by ALARM to equip 60 women from Uganda, Sudan, Burundi, Rwanda and Congo to train a total of 600 women at grassroots level in the areas of peacebuilding and human rights awareness in their communities. Activities in this phase of the project were concluded in December 2007. ALARM designed this project to educate women on human rights, to equip women with negotiation skills that will create a more level playing field as they advocate for their rights, negotiate property matters, participate in business to support their families and improve their personal wellbeing; to equip women with basic skills in communication, conflict management and conflict mediation, and enhance their participation in peace building within their communities through their involvement in community and conflict resolution mediation centers.
Uganda Workshop Summary
Appendix 1: Criteria for Participant Selection
Appendix 2: Feedback from Participants (August 2007)
Rwanda Workshop Summary
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