Why Did You Let Me Get Hurt? Conflict and Siege Threaten Gaza’s Young Minds
Israeli–Palestinian Conflict
Generations of Gaza’s children have had to face day after day of poverty, insecurity and fear. Boys and girls there view the unfettered access to the basics of life—food, water, sanitation, healthcare, safety—as luxuries. In December 2008, the Israeli Army and Hamas engaged in more than three weeks of intense fighting that intensified the physical and psychological destruction. Hundreds of children were killed and hundreds more injured or disabled. Others were left with the mental distress caused by enduring violence and destruction.
Troubled hearts, troubled minds
Suffering and survival
Bringing hope
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Posted : 2012-09-08 21:02:09 GMT
Author/Authors : Ashley Jonathan Clements
Publishers : World Vision
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Publication Date : Feb. 2012
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