Is Multiculturalism (Multi-Culti) at an End? The Lack of an Alternative to the Discussion of Values
“Multi-culti” – a catchword we all know. A concept that today is looked at rather critically but, in past decades, was to a large extent a guideline for the shared life of Christians and Muslims in Europe, even if by far not everyone was aware of this premise. Multi-culti – a result of an historical development into which we have stumbled rather than consciously planned and controlled. A development that, in addition, resulted from the false intellectual premises that accompanied the contemplation of the migration of Muslim workers to Germany, as well as from indifference and ignorance.
1. Stumbling into History
2. False Premises Have Been Brought Along
3. Indifference and Ignorance Were Cultivated
4. Non-Integration Has Been Reaped
5. Today: the Pursuit of Research into Causes
6. Discerning Islam in its Totality
7. Naming the Foundations of European Culture and Civilization
8. Recognizing the Basic Elements of the Jewish-Christian Legacy
9. Separation of Powers and Equality Before the Law
10. Monopoly in the Use of Force, and Retribution
11. Dignity and Freedom of all People
12. No Fear of the Discussion of Values
13. The Author
14. Impressum
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Posted : 2012-04-16 13:37:12 GMT
Author/Authors : Dr. Christine Schirrmacher
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