How you can help persecuted Christians

A list of generic acts that individuals can do for Christians facing persecution in restricted countries:

1. Mobilize prayer

  • Organize prayer events at your church for persecuted Christians
  • Sign up for e-mail prayer bulletins/alerts from ministries working with persecuted Christians (e.g. WEA RLC Prayer Newsletter)
  • Use initiatives such as the International day of prayer for the persecuted church

2. Stay informed about the status of religious freedom around the world

3. Advocate on behalf of persecuted minorities

  • Mass petition / signature campaigns
  • Peaceful protests
  • Lobby your government

4. Write letters to embassies on behalf of persecuted Christians

5. Write letters of encouragement to persecuted Christians

6. Lobby politicians, especially government leaders to advocate on behalf of the freedom of religion in restricted countries

7. Initiate and encourage discussion on your social networks on the issue of religious freedom and the persecution of Christians

8. Give your time and skills to help ministries working with the persecuted Church

  • Short-term missions

9. Give financially to ministries that work with the persecuted Church