"People of the Mandate" The story of the World Evangelical Fellowship

Written by Dr. W. Harold Fuller

This book, released in September 1996, traces the roots of WEF back 150 years, and brings the history up-to-date with thrilling stories of men and women involved in WEF -- including the work of regional fellowships, national fellowships, commissions and departments (see Table of Contents below).

Commissioned by WEF International Council for the 150th anniversary celebrations, People of the Mandate is available from the WEF North America office , Christian bookstores, Paternoster Publishing (PO Box 300, Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle Cumbria CA3 OQR, UK), Baker Book House (USA) and online at the WEF Bookstore . Paperback cost per copy: UK Sterling 6.99 or US $11.99.

Dr. David M. Howard, author of the earlier history of WEF, The Dream That Would Not Die , says: "I am delighted with this contemporary and dramatic contribution to the ongoing history of WEF. It should be read by all who are concerned for unity in the Body of Christ around the world."

News Release about The People of the Mandate


"The story of World Evangelical Fellowship deserves to be better known," comments British church leader and Bible expositor John R.W. Stott in endorsing People of the Mandate, the just-published history of WEF, which embraces 150 million Christians in 110 nations. Dr. Stott points out that "WEF's story, with its roots in the Evangelical Fellowship . . . is more than 100 years older than that of the World Council of Churches."

Internationally recognized Latin American evangelist Luis Palau calls the book, written by Canadian author W. Harold Fuller, "an historical landmark . . . Well-informed Christians and serious historians must read it to understand evangelicalism's great advance across the nations in the last fifty years of the twentieth century."

Tracing WEF's roots back 150 years to the formation of the Evangelical Alliance in London in 1846, the author examines the international network of WEF, and the stimulus that churches in many nations are providing to strengthen each other.

"My vision for WEF is the same one given to the church two thousand years ago--that the nations of the world should be discipled," stated Dr. Agustin "Jun" Vencer in launching People of the Mandate at WEF international headquarters in Singapore. "Key observers of world religions say that evangelicals are at the growing edge of the Christian faith worldwide, and this book explains why. It also shows why governments are showing increasing respect for evangelicals as responsible citizens in nation-building."

Dr. Vencer added that "People of the Mandate provides useful background for the forthcoming Tenth General Assembly of WEF, to be held in Abbotsford, BC, Canada, May 8-15."

Pointing out that the book is "much more than a chronicle," Dr. Stott (who drafted the historic Lausanne Covenant of 1974) continues: "The author ‘humanizes' it by introducing us to WEF's dynamic leaders and by giving examples of its vital ministry in theological and ethical thinking, evangelism and reconciliation, and the quest for social justice and religious liberty.

"The book ends with a salutary warning of the temptations which face evangelicals today and a stirring call to us to focus on the essentials which unite us."

People of the Mandate is jointly published by Paternoster Publishing (PO Box 300, Kingstown Broadway, Carlisle Cumbria CA3 OQR, United Kingdom), and Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI, USA. It may be ordered from WEF offices , Christian bookshops, or the publishers: Paternoster Publishing , Carlisle, UK., or Baker Books, Grand Rapids, MI., USA. Paperback US$11.99; UK Sterling 6.99 plus postage.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Luis Palau

Appendix A WEF Addresses

Appendix B Countries in which WEF has Members


  1. Putting Hands and Feet to the Vision 
    A runaway village boy eventually finds a worldwide family of 150 million. The story of Jun Vencer's part in discipling the nations .
  2. Keeping Faith 
    A remarkable conference in 1846 started a movement that is still making a strategic impact today. The founding and growth of the Evangelical Alliance .
  3. Reviving the Mandate 
    'Impossible', some said -- but in 1951 a world body was born. The suspenseful story of the founding and growth of the World Evangelical Fellowship .
  4. It Takes Two Hands 
    People in one-time enemy countries work together to meet the vast needs of their regions. The dynamics within Regional Evangelical Fellowships.
  5. Reversing Babel 
    Christians in a cultural mosaic find they can disciple their own nations and help other nations too. The strengths of National Evangelical Fellowships.
  6. The Lord's Conveyance 
    The bank of heaven keeps WEF afloat in rough waters. Sacrifice and miraculous provision .
  7. A Task as Big as the Globe 
    A Brazilian witnessing in Albania is just part of today's exciting missions scene. WEF Missions Commission.
  8. 'Bind Us Together, Lord!' 
    Love transforms hostility as churches help overcome tragedy. Church and Society Department .
  9. Faith without Fear or Favour 
    Oppressive powers take notice when believers stand together. Religious Liberty Commission.
  10. One God, Many Worlds 
    The powerful relevance of the unchanging Word of God in cultural diversity. Theological Commission.
  11. 'Our Time Has Come' 
    Women's crucial role on behalf of communities in pain, whether in Beijing, Berlin, Boston, or Buenos Aires. Commission on Women's Concerns.
  12. The Universe of Youth 
    Hope for a culture of meaningless. Youth Commission.
  13. Renewing the Vision
    The basic secrets of evangelical effectiveness. Prayer and Renewal Ministries.
  14. Filling a Strategic Niche (Epilogue) 
    Why Evangelicals are called 'the growing edge' in every country. Entering the 21st century.

C WEF Statement of Faith

Appendix D What we are called to do

Appendix E The Gospel Truth in Context. Guest editorial in The Independent , by Clive Calver

Appendix F Letter of apology from Japan Evangelical Association

Appendix G Simple Life style: How?

Appendix H WEF Statement on the ECT Debate, with background analysis

Appendix I The Singapore Covenant

Appendix J The Vision of WEF