Prayers for July

1. Praise and thank God for a productive and friendship-building meeting of 35 women from Asia. Twelve countries were represented and there was good discussion about leadership skills, planning strategically and increasing impact with the wider church leadership

The 5 women who are leading the Asian region. Each woman will encourage a small group of nations linked by geography and culture. This is a great idea as Asia is vast and has many different challenges - from Myanmar’s brand new opportunities to South Korea’s strong and vibrant churches; from India’s huge population and attacks on religious freedom to tiny Laos’ socialist structure.

Let us pray for the women as they take up their assignments:
Buakab will coordinate Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam
Grace: Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines
Odi: Mongolia, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China
Koki: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan
Please pray for them by name.

2. Pray for women in conflict zones like DRC, Burundi, South Sudan and Syria. May God sustain women, girls, mothers and grandmothers as they try to find food and get children to school. Pray for boys and young men who are pressured to fight.

3. Let us pray for the new things happening in the UK. The EA has a new person heading up women’s programs and networking. Her name is Chine McDonald and she will be a dynamic leader.

4. Pray for all the women you know who are tired and weighed down with responsibilities. As women of God may they know God’s provision in every area of challenge - work, family situations and financial needs.