Women and the Church - Video Series

Watch these thought-provoking videos and learn more about what people think of the role of women in the Bible, in the Church, in leadership, in marriage and more! Click on the link after each video to open up questions that help you engage with the topic and discuss with others.

Share the videos with your friends, in your church and beyond and share your thoughts on social media using the hashtag #WomenAndTheChurch!

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Favourite Women of the Bible

10 women who are tenacious, daring, faithful and influential

> Discussion Questions on 'Favorite Women of the Bible'


Jesus and Women

There is a lot of intimacy, sympathy and practical love

> Discussion Questions on 'Jesus and Women'


Valuing Women

“God allows me to be who I am as a Christian woman – the gift of being me”

> Discussion Questions on 'Valuing Women'



Doesn’t God want us all to rise up to our destiny? Women and men?

> Discussion Questions on 'Feminism'


Equality in Marriage

“Decision making is mutual, co-operative, sharing... and there might be some conflict.”

> Discussion Questions on 'Equality in Marriage'


Gender and Leadership

If you’re gifted, you should lead

> Discussion Questions on 'Gender and Leadership'


Love and Submission

Love and submission is our model for doing every relationship

> Discussion Questions on 'Love and Submission'


Tricky Bible Passages

What is Paul really talking about?

> Discussion Questions on 'Tricky Bible Passages'