The Resource Mobilisation Working Group
Chairperson: Ram Gidoomal

Established in 2007, the Resource Mobilization Working Group (RMWG) is a joint initiative between the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance to encourage generosity and stewardship amongst evangelical Christians. In June 2011 the RMWG leaders decided to develop the Global Generosity Network (GGN) as main RMWG operating function.

Generosity and stewardship should become part of the life-style of every follower of Jesus Christ. The aim of the RMWG is therefore to challenge the whole Church towards whole-life discipleship that includes radical generosity and wise stewardship. Such radical generosity will result in a dramatic increase in giving to Christian causes and especially to global mission where it is most needed.

After a number of consultations a North American Resource Mobilisation Working Group was established in 2009 with David Wills of the National Christian Foundation as chairperson. In December 2009 the first steps were taken to develop an International Resource Mobilisation Working Group that now consists of Christian leaders from 10 countries.

The Resource Mobilization Working Group:

  • Promotes an integrated approach towards Biblical generosity and stewardship, church life, mission awareness and Christian giving
  • Catalyses generosity collaboration globally, regionally and nationally through generosity networks;

A small group discussion during the Global Generosity Network European generosity consultation in April 2012. Participants came from 8 European countries and included Christian business leaders and representatives of Evangelical Alliances, generosity ministries, church networks, ministry networks and mission networks.

  • Equips Christians to share the Biblical message of generosity through generosity training;
  • Works with Evangelical Alliances, churches and Christian networks to create generosity awareness. This is being done through the distribution of a generosity resources CD, online generosity resources ( discussions, workshops, seminars and consultations;
  • Encourages generosity commitment through a Generosity Declaration (;
  • Facilitates generosity engagement through specific Kingdom giving.

Rosalind Dwarka during a presentation of the Missions Africa Trust Fund, an African mission fund to mobilize resources from Africa to support mission initiatives in Africa and from Africa to the rest of the world. The Resource Mobilization Working Group is assisting in developing this exciting African generosity initiative.

Contact the Resource Mobilization Working Group to discuss assistance in encouraging generosity and giving in your church, ministry, business and area of influence.

For more information:
Dr Sas Conradie, Coordinator Resource Mobilization Working Group
Tel: +44 1865 787514
E-mail: Sas.conradie (at)
Skype: sas.conradie